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Organic Cribs Are Proving Popular Among Young Parents

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Natural bed
The decision to have a baby is a massive undertaking, and it should not be taken lightly. A couple who decides to have a baby should be absolutely (or at least reasonably) sure that they will be together for the near future, otherwise their lives will be needlessly complicated by the addition of a baby. The couple should also be sure that they have enough money to afford a baby. In addition to buying a house which has a separate room for the baby, they must also purchase baby clothing for their child (or children) to wear and baby toys so that the baby has something to occupy his or her time. Finally, the young couple needs to purchase a crib for the baby to sleep in. (Later, they must purchase a bed for the baby to sleep in.) Many young parents make the mistake of underestimating the importance of the crib purchase. After all, the baby will spend the majority of its time in the crib, so it’s extremely important to pick a sturdy crib that will last a long time and ensure that the baby has many nights of excellent sleep. Many parents today are opting to purchase organic cribs, organic bedding sheets, organic blankets, and organic mattresses. These organic cribs and other organic materials first became popular during the 1960s when the hippies started to have love children; these hippies favored organic cribs because they did not harm the environment as much as non organic cribs; plus, these organic cribs usually looked a lot cooler than their non organic counterparts. Recently, however, organic cribs have become popular with the broader population, who have adopted many of the hippies’ liberal attitudes about the environment. In fact, a honest to goodness organic crib industry has sprouted up in the last ten years; this means that organic cribs are much more affordable than in the past. To see more, read this: