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The Fine Art of Furnishing Your Home

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Bedroom furniture sets
Furniture has been around for thousands of years. There is evidence that chairs existed in many parts of the world, and that they were being used in the Mediterranean at least as far back as 2 B.C. Some of the earliest bedroom furniture sets belonged to the Egyptians, who had high beds with steps leading up to them. The beds were decorated, and had a lot of pillows, and were surrounded by curtains. Today, furniture sets have grown and evolved into a wide assortment of items for every room in the home. Living room furniture, dining room furniture, lamps, kitchen tables and bedroom furniture sets can be found in a variety of styles, colors and prices. Like so many other items, furniture can now be purchased from a retail store or online. Furniture is made from different materials, and many people like leather furniture. One of the beauties of buying leather furniture is that each piece can reflect the individual personality and style of the owner. Leather furniture is easy to care for, as it does not absorb spills the way other fabrics do. Leather is also comfortable because it can stretch and it molds to the natural curves of the body, but does not lose its shape.

The History of the Iraqi Dinar

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Iraqi dinar to us dollar
What is the dinar? The Dinar is the current currency of Iraq. It was first introduced as official currency in 1932, replacing the former Indian Rupee. For many years, Iraqi dinars were worth as much as the British pound, probably owing to the affects of British occupation that followed the first World War. It even rose in value, at one point being worth as much as three US dollars. The Iraqi dinar produced from the 1970s until the Gulf War are known as swiss dinars because they were printed in Switzerland. After the Gulf War, the UN placed sanctions against Iraq, leading to the production of a cheaper and lower quality dinar. Initially, Iraqi dinars was so cheapily produced that there was a still plausible rumor that some of it had been printed using a newspaper print. The swiss Dinar is still in circulation and is worth many times the value of newer printed dinars. Both overprinting, sanctions, and probably some counterfeitings led to a devaluation of the currency, and it sank to a value of 3000 dinars per US dollar in 1995. Today, all notes are printed using modern anti forgery techniques. Coins have not been used or produced for many years since they hold no real value. Much of the internet has been buzzing about Iraqi dinars recently. Why? There is rumor that there will be an Iraqi dinar revalue. Many interested buyers have been snapping up Iraqi dinars so that they can make a profit when the price for them goes up. Be wary, however, of investing in foreign currency. Currency markets are notoriously difficult to predict, and the current news of the Iraqi dinar is not exactly supportive of this rumor, since it is actually encountering regional issues with devaluation, rather than an increase in value. See this link for more: