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Learning the Basics of Using a Pottery Wheel

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For those who are looking to pursue the creation of pottery for the first time, getting your hands on pottery wheels for beginners is the best way to start. Though pottery can also be formed via injection molding, casting, and hand shaping, which is the oldest method for making pottery, throwing the clay on potters wheels is a great way to get comfortable with the basics. Before shaping the clay, you may want to add ingredients such as grog or sand in order to give the fired material a specific look or texture. When you throw clay in order to shape it properly, you put it on what is essentially a rotating turntable called the wheel head. This turntable can then be powered with an electric motor that can chang

Thinking About Investing Money in Foreign Currency?

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The dinar was worth the same amount as the British pound until 1959. The current dinar value is worth a fraction of one US dollar, so some people may think that investing in Iraqi dinars is a smart idea because the current dinar value may rise at any time. Iraq has few exports other than oil, so there is small demand for the dinar. Because of this they remain in exotic status. After the Gulf War in 1991, dinars were printed on poor grade paper rather than the previous cotton or linen. The first 500 dinars note was issued in October of 2004.