Month: July 2013

  • Do You Have Federal Income Tax Problems

    If you are an employer and you fire one of your employees because you got notice from the IRS that they were imposing a wage garnishment on that person, guess what? You just committed a crime. That is right. It is a crime to fire and employee because of a wage garnishment. Employers who do […]

  • The Benefits of a Workers Compensation Lawyer

    Did you get hurt at work and are now wondering whats the next step? First, it is time to look for a work comp lawyer. What is work compensation? Work compensation is a type of insurance that provides financial compensation plus medical benefits to the employee that was injured while at work. Why is workers […]

  • The Body Shop Medi-Spa in Davie FL

    The Body Shop Medi-Spa 12505 Orange Drive Davie, FL 33330 954-358-5111 We offer a full line of medical services. From a simple facial to our very own EuroSculpt Lipo Laser machine to Dermal Fillers and Botox. Our handpicked top of the line machines offer the most effective and proven results. Our goal is to […]