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Stained or Missing Teeth? See a Cosmetic Dentist, and Get Your Confidence Back

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Teeth laser whitening
Did you know that nearly all, or 97%, of adults in the U.S. think that healthy-looking smiles are critical in social situations? Yellow teeth, and especially missing teeth, can be humiliating, and often cripple adults’ self esteem. How are more Americans teaming up with a cosmetic dentist to get the healthy, “pearly white” smile they always wanted? Teeth Whitening Coffee and cigarettes are not the only culprits. More Americans are drinking sugary beverages, like soda, than ever before. Americans drinking two to three classes per day are likely to have as much as 62% more tooth decay. Keep teeth white, and keep teeth from rotting, by seeing a traditional or cosmetic dentist for Continue Reading 15 Comments