Three benefits that a military DITY move can provide

Moving can be a difficult thing even for those that are used to carrying a tremendous weight on their shoulders. Any United States service member that may need to move can benefit extraordinarily with a military DITY move. A military DITY move can be the perfect thing for any solider and their family to consider if they are looking to make moving easier, less stressful and more efficient.

DITY stands for do it yourself. A military DITY move is a move where the soldier and their family members move themselves to their new home, rather than relying on a moving company or the government to help them out with it. By handling ones own moving responsibilities, a soldier will not have to worry about adjusting his or her schedule to that of the moving company. By doing it themselves, the control is placed back in their hands, where it should be.

A military Dity move also means that the soldier and their family can have more say in how things are packed and taken care of. Too often people open up their boxes in their new home, only to find that some of their valuables have become damaged or destroyed. By choosing a military DITY move, one can take all the time the way to properly pack up their picture frames, heirlooms, computers and toys.

Finally, a military DITY move can actually help one to make a little bit of extra money! Normally, moving can be very expensive. Soldiers who choose to move their things themselves can be reimbursed by the government. Whether one uses their own vehicle or a rental does not matter. Mileage and travel allowances can also be covered.

A military DITY move puts the freedom back in the hands of those who protect it for everyone else. No matter how much one may be moving or where their next home will be, taking on ones own moving responsibilities can be a much simpler and rewarding experience.

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