How to repel cats

A lot of people are allergic to cats and repelling them can be quite a problem especially for those who have neighbors who have cats as their pets. Then there are those whose neighbors are simply irresponsible. They let their cats roam around the neighborhood, destroying gardens and pooping everywhere. In any case, there are ways to repel cats and drive them away for good. Some of the ways to repel cats are natural while others are chemicals that are available on local stores.

Starting from the natural ways to repel cats, one of the most effective is cayenne and water solution. This is really very easy to make. Just add cayenne powder on a glass of water and spray that on the garden or lawn. This is an easy, effective and cheap way to repel cats. This is also safe for plants and animals, so there is no chance of harming the cats or other animals that might get in contact with the cayenne solution. A good substitute for the cayenne pepper is powdered or dry mustard. The same way, the powdered mustard is mixed into water and sprayed around the garden or lawn or anywhere else where the cats frequent. And for a really easy way to deter cats, just spray the garden with vinegar with water. It works in the same way as the cayenne and mustard solution. Another good natural way to repel cats is to use lemon peel. Just cut the lemon peel onto strips and scatter them around the garden. Cats do not like the smell of lemon or other citrus fruits so they will keep away from the garden. Orange peel can be used as substitute for the lemon peel. Of course it is necessary to replace them with fresh ones once they are already dry.

There are also a lot of products in the market today that are good in keeping away cats. These cat repellent spay are generally used by cat owners in training or preventing cats from going to areas that they do not want them to go, such as counters and dining tables. They can be used to repel cats, not just inside the house but in the garden and surrounding areas. Most of these sprays are generally safe for animals and humans but it is still important to check out the label just to make sure. Especially for those who have conditions, it is even better to ask ones doctor first if they are safe to use. The good things about these products are that they smell great, they are inexpensive and many are refillable. They are also very effective. When natural or home made solutions fail to repel cats, many homeowners resort to using these products.

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