Top signs of cannabis addiction

Marijuana recovery

Cannabis, otherwise known as Marijuana, has had an immensely strong presence in the American culture for decades. This has led to it not suffering from same stigma and negative image that other harder drugs have. Because of this, many people believe that cannabis addiction is either something that is impossible or that will never happen to them. Regardless of how it is perceived by the public, there have been numerous studies over the years that have shown that cannabis addiction is not only very real, but that it is also easily detectable.

Those that may be succumbing to cannabis addiction may be giving away severe warning signs to their friends and loved ones, such as a sudden drop in motivation. Cannabis addiction, like other drug addictions, typically reduces an individuals sense of drive, making them far less motivated to perform well at school or at work. People that spot this early may have reason to believe that their friend or loved one is suffering from a drug addiction.

A second powerful symptom of cannabis addiction is the decay of friendships and relationships. Those that become more reliant on the drug may end up severing their existing friendships and relationships in favor of those with other marijuana smokers. Whether it is because they feel they will have more access or they just do not want to hear anyone nagging about it, those that descend into cannabis addiction may decide to discard their important friendships and relationships.

A third sign of cannabis addiction could be a sudden onset of high anxiety and panic attacks if one goes longer than normal without using. Those that become mentally dependent on the drug will start to feel it in their bodies if their brain does not get the chemicals that it has begun to rely on. More often than not, this manifests itself in the form of anxiety and stress. This is also one of the most common cannabis withdrawal symptoms that one will encounter if they quit using it after a long period of time.

By spotting the symptoms of cannabis addiction early, it could be much easier to help those that one cares for. Learning more about this could also help to prevent the terrible cannabis withdrawal symptoms that people suffer from once they stop using the drug.

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