What to Look for When Going Through a Free Federal Tax Filing

E file tax return

For the next couple of months, you can take full advantage of free federal tax filing. This is fantastic because the federal government has allowed for an extension for many Americans to give them more time to complete their taxes for the previous year. The advantages of using a free federal tax filing system are obvious, but a few things must be verified first before giving away any personal information.

The first element to look for in a free federal tax filing opportunity is security. Ensure that the site used for free federal tax filing purposes is verified and secured by a trusted provider. A company that does not sound familiar might be a scam. Be alert if something does not sound right either. Back it up with a search elsewhere for the provider or company to essentially perform a background check of sorts on it.

The second key element in a free federal tax filing opportunity is cost. It sounds ironic, but even things that are advertised as free may not end up being free in the long run. Ensure that every part of the tax filing process is free, not just certain parts of it. Some sites offer free services for basic tax filing purposes but charge for those that end up being more complicated. Ensure the site you end up with does not cost you for a single function.

Third, it is wise to read all of the fine print, not only for hidden fees and costs but for the rules and regulations surrounding the free federal tax filing opportunity too. Ask a friend who understands taxes or perhaps who is a certified public accountant to read the fine print too. It may be boring or cumbersome, but it is absolutely worth not getting burned by not reading everything that is involved in the first place.

Fourth, it is advisable to consult with the federal government or another authorized authority to verify the companies offering free federal tax filing services. The government lists applicable companies to file with, meaning these companies have been verified by the government. This backup background check further ensures the safety and security of your personal information. It can protect you against identity theft and stolen tax information. Aside from safety and security issues, a verified provider can offer the smoothest tax filing process available … and one that is entirely, 100 percent free to boot.

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