How Medicare Catheter Coverage Can Effect Your Situation

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Medicare catheter coverage is important, but so is choosing the right catheter supply company for your needs. If you are looking for catheter supplies that are high quality, then you should search for those that use safe, extremely functional catheters for sale. Catheters are needed for a number of reasons beyond the preconceived motion of being used to drain urine, although they are used extensively for that purpose. Medicare catheter supplies can assist with the drainage of fluid from abscesses, the administration of intravenous fluids, or for the drainage of kidneys.

The catheter often used for urinary drainage is referred to as a Foley catheter, a product which hundreds of thousands of individuals may rely on in any given year. While the first catheters were made from hollow reeds by the Syrians, and then later out of metal by the Greeks, modern catheters are made from either latex or latex free materials for those with sensitivity to the material. Medicare catheter coverage may allow you to have access to self catheterization supplies that are becoming increasingly less uncomfortable to use, insert, and remove, and more functional when it comes to retaining the dignity of the user. Medicare catheter coverage may also be able to provide urinary catheter supplies to those who have experienced spinal injuries.

One quarter of spinal cord injuries occur in sports related accidents and falls, with approximately 12,000 new cases of spinal injury ever year. Medicare catheter coverage may supply those who suffer from these injuries with the Foley catheter supplies that they will need to avoid further injury to the spine while allowing for the safe drainage of urine, a key step in encouraging recovery and reducing stress and pain. Medicare catheter coverage can provide not only for the actual payment of a Foley catheter, but for other self catheter supplies that can be shipped directly to your home or location where you are receiving healthcare. If you are someone who is covered under Medicare, then you need to know more about Medicare catheter coverage and what it may be able to do for your situation. You should not have to make compromises when it comes to your personal health, comfort, and safety. Choose catheters which can provide you with the functionality that you will need to recover from your injuries, and the level of professional production you expect from healthcare supplies that you will use.

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