Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Pneumatic torque tools

Industrial bolts can often be located in difficult to reach places, which is why special tools and equipment are used for removing and tightening nuts and bolts. One popular tool that is used in a variety of industries is the hydraulic torque wrench. A hydraulic torque wrench is operated with an electric hydraulic pump, and some are operated with a pneumatic hydraulic pump. Traditional tools that are unable to remove nuts and bolts are essential replaced with sophisticated tools, such as an electric torque wrench. Finding these tools is best done online, and there are many reasons why industries rely on hydraulic powered tools.

The deterioration of bolts is a serious problem in areas that experience dampness. Moisture can cause rust and other situations that make it extremely difficult to remove a nut or a bolt. A hydraulic torque wrench is used to remove rusted nuts and bolts that cannot be removed with traditional tools. Hydraulic flange spreaders are also common in a variety of industries, and they are used for high pressure flanges. High tensile bolt connections are typically used for tower crane joints, and removing these bolts requires the right type of hydraulic torque wrench. Industries that deal with turbines also rely on hydraulic tensioners and hydraulic powered tools as well.

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