Patch Management Software Brings Security To Your Office

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Research indicates that over 230 million people in the United States over the age of 13 use a mobile device. Mobile device management, which can include services like patch management software and iPhone security may be able to help you to meet a new age when mobile device users are quickly outpacing desktop computer users. With patch management software it is entirely possible to ensure that thousands of mobile device users on your network are properly patched to the latest versions of software that your business users on a regular basis. This can mean greater security, usability, and compliance between all devices.

BlackBerry phones are known to have a strong encryption system, that is based on several factors that go beyond the PIN of a user. Patch management software can offer an additional layer of security. The utility that patch management can offer to mobile users will ensure that all security programs and protocols are up to date to meet the changing needs of the market, and to fight back against the ever present threat of malicious code and information theft. With solutions like iPhone management you may be able to use encryption and authentication protocols which, along with BYOD policies, can ensure that employees and their mobile devices are compliant with company security standards. Patch management software is an important tool for this end, as it can help businesses to ensure that all of the employees on the network have the latest versions of important software that may be required to both halt and completely remove any malicious code that may be on a system. One compromised device can compromise an entire network if left unchecked, which is why patch management software may be one of the most important solutions available.

Desktop Management Interface, or DMI, is the industry framework for managing the software and hardware components of a BYOD business model, and patch management software should work to support and compliment this framework when you use the right solution for the task. Without patch management in place, you may find that several devices on a network can be compromised. With over 1 billion smart phones expected to enter the market within the next five years, it is important to get the right solutions in place as soon as possible. Patch management software and other tools may be a step in the right direction for businesses of any size.
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