Researching and Applying to Be an SEO Reseller

Social media reseller

Choosing an SEO firm to represent your interests as an SEO reseller is just about as valuable as the reselling that you normally do. When you choose a good firm, you see more success. When you select a less worthy firm that roots itself in using questionable tactics or that really has no business conducting SEO work, your business suffers as a result. Choose well, and get rewarded with the life you want as an SEO reseller.

First, prior to ever reselling SEO research the most popular companies worldwide that use at least one SEO reseller. This will be evident based on online rankings of SEO firms and magazine articles that detail the companies that get it right. SEO experts who work completely independently from any SEO provider also offer listings and rankings of the providers they deem to be the most successful for their SEO reseller clients. Use this as your initial point of research.

From this starting point, launch off into a further exploration of all SEO providers that rank high on these lists. Leave no one out here, but also spend a specified period of time looking into each provider. If you find yourself getting lost on a provider’s website or are more confused after reading through it than you were when you first started, the provider may not be worth your time. It could also indicate that your work as an SEO reseller with that firm will be more frustrating than you bargained for.

The next step involves narrowing your possibilities down to a few providers. Look at your initial criteria, and the criteria that SEO experts have helped you narrow down based on the articles you have read on the SEO topic. This criteria could include the firm’s ability to eventually set you up as a social media reseller or a website reseller, or its capacity to get you started by giving you a list of prospects. Pick your criteria, then eliminate any provider from the list that does not meet even one of them.

During this phase, you will likely have to register or apply to become an Seo reseller. Go ahead and apply for more than one program, since you may be put on a waiting list for one or may get rejected from another. Spread yourself around to the most viable SEO firms so you ultimately have the best chance to be an SEO reseller sooner instead of later.

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