My Dog Ate a Bag of Coffee

I moved to a new town. Two days later, I woke up to a noise in the kitchen. My dog had managed to rip open a bag of coffee and had consumed most of it. I needed to find a vet. There were a ton of veterinarian reviews online. But which veterinarian review would win me over fairly quickly? I found a vet review that seems positive for a vet near to me and within minutes of the coffee consumption by my furry friend, we were on our way to our new vet. We are back home and my doggie is just fine. But that experience got me thinking… Not about coffee, but about the fact that after 3 minutes online I picked a vet for my beloved fur ball. And it worked out. Granted, if it had not been a semi emergency I likely would have taken more time. But I did not have more time. And in three minutes my choice was made by reading veterinary reviews. Historically, I have never thought to review veterinarians. I do not know why. I review restaurants, shows and even cleaning services. Why the heck have I not thought to review vets?

Why would I trust the health of my pet to some random veterinarian reviews? Because I believe random veterinarian reviews are the best to go on. The random veterinarian reviews will be written by people who either loved the service at their vet or detested it. Being comfortable and confident in my vet is really all I have to go on anyhow, besides coast and location. From here on out, I will write veterinarian reviews.

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