I Love Infomercials

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Sometimes when I get excited about a product and can not stop jabbering about it, I feel like the company should hire me for an infomercial. I would be really good at it. Not that I have any connections at an infomercial production company, but I really feel like if the infomercial producers saw me in action when I am really excited about something, they would be all over me. I am telling you, the infomercial production companies in the world have no idea what they are missing.

I would especially like to connect with an infomercial company specializing in kitchen gadgets. I might send a recording to all the informercial companies in the world so they can take turns falling all over me and my enthusiastic sales talent. I would tell the infomercial production company about when I purchased a quick chopping machine that helped me make fresh salsa effortlessly in minutes. I would demonstrate to that infomercial production company all of the recipes I created and then I would take it apart to demonstrate easy cleaning. Before you know it, an infomercial production company will be knocking down my door and I will be selling my little heart out.

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