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The International Data Corporation found that 95 percent of all business data is on paper and the average employee prints 45 sheets of paper a day. However, with a laptop scanner this number can be reduced. When you want to reduce the amount of paper that your business uses, you can look into purchasing portable scanners for all of your employees. When your employees have portable scanners, they can quickly and easily scan any information that crosses their desk to reduce the number of physical files that your company has on hand. With a digital filing system, you can scan all of your paper documents and create a system that allows for quick access of any information that employees may require. Finding the best selection of laptop scanners will give each employee in your establishment much greater mobility. With electronic records, fewer workers actually need to work from the office and this can reduce overhead.

A survey done by Sandhill found that of the 500 IT professionals that took the survey, 50 percent stated that the reason they were transitioning to cloud based applications was business agility. When you want to be successful with a digital system, getting a business card scanner for every traveling employee as well as portable scanners for all other employees will help you to be more productive. Ultimately, the introduction of portable scanners will help your company switch to a digital filing system and be able to do so flawlessly.

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