Minneapolis Florists Keep Busy During These Holidays

Florist minneapolis

Nationwide in 2011, retail sales of flowers topped $32 billion. This number of course was lower for Minneapolis, though the city is representative of the nation’s spending on flowers as gifts and as nice home additions. Primarily, Minneapolis florists report that weddings and other celebrations account for a considerable amount of their flower sales each year, with sales of flowers for brides and their bridesmaids topping the list. Flower girls, who used to spread herbs and grains in representation of fertility prior to Victorian times, are factored into this equation too.

Minneapolis florists are keeping themselves busy with funeral flowers as well. Many flowers minneapolis specialists provide are more in this vein, where people place orders to be sent to funeral homes and cemeteries. With respect to funeral flowers Minneapolis florists are excellent at knowing the right options to pick.

Not every Minneapolis florist knows everything about the industry and the other reasons people have for buying flowers, but most florists St. Paul MN and Minneapolis offer have some interesting statistics on the holidays that account for the most sales of flowers each year too. For instance, most Minneapolis florists know that just 20 percent of holiday flowers were purchased on Valentine’s Day, and that of the third of adults who purchased flowers and plants on Mother’s Day in 2012, 43 percent were men and 34 percent were women. They know too that lilies account for 52 percent of the houseplants with flowers that are purchased each Easter and Passover.
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