All about Urgent Care Clinics

Urgent care portland oregon

Urgent care centers and walk in clinics are being used more and more often as alternatives to going to the emergency room or even the doctor’s office. These facilities are cheaper and many times faster to get in and out of than emergency rooms are and can do most of the same things. A good rule of thumb before going to an urgent care Beaverton clinic is to judge if your condition is life threatening. If it is you need to go straight to the emergency room if not then feel free to stop in on an urgent care Portland clinic.

Urgent care Beaverton clinics, just like other urgent cares, are able to do a variety of different treatments. You can get Std testing portland screening in an urgent care facility and also have a doctor Portland employee there to treat you for a wide variety of different symptoms. Urgent care Beaverton clinics can help you with a variety of needs from flu symptoms to vaccines and sports checkups. Many sports injuries are treated in urgent care portland oregon centers since they are usually during a game or on the weekends and it is easier to go to an urgent care center than to fight the crowds at emergency rooms or have to wait for the doctor’s office to open Monday morning.

If you are visiting an urgent care Beaverton clinic make sure that your situation is not life threatening or something that you feel may require you to be hospitalized right away. While urgent care beaverton clinics are a great thing they are not for people who are in serious accidents where their lives are in the balance. Urgent care facilities are growing by leaps and bounds however and are becoming popular not only in the United States but other countries as well.

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