Reducing the Stress of a Military DITY Move

How do they calculate dity moves

Relocation and military moving is a fact of life for all military personnel. When those in the military are required to make a military move, they have two options. Under the first option, the government will cover all moving costs and provide their own moving contractor to transport personal items. The second option is a military DITY move. When a soldier chooses a military DITY move, the government will reimburse the individual for expenses that cover the renting of a truck, the costs of packing and moving materials, fuel, and anything directly related to the move. The government will also insure the move up to 25 thousand dollars. However, the amount of money that the government reimburses is limited by weight and the number of individuals in the household.

While government reimbursement helps tremendously,that does not mean that a military DITY move will be devoid of stress. After all moving is said to be one of the three most stressful life events. But one effective way to reduce the stress related to moving is by planning the move ahead of time as much as possible. A Dity move calculator will help those making a military DITY move to plan their moves in advance, and hopefully, decrease the stress of the move. With a DITY move calculator, soldiers can better plan their military DITY move, as the calculator can help to estimate moving costs by considering such factors as distance, weight, gas mileage, and the number of hours the move will take.


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