Attract New Customers with a Dynamic Email Campaign

Email hosting rochester

Every second, web users send 2.8 million emails every second, which totals 294 billion every day. Roughly 90 percent of those messages are, unfortunately, spam and viruses. So if a business wants to target potential customers with an email marketing plan, they might want to enlist the services of a talented Rochester web development firm. On may 3, 1978, the first spam email was created. It was meant to advertise a new computer system and was sent to 600 users of the ARPANET. In order to avoid producing spam, individuals will want to use the email hosting services, which provide an affodable, scalable, and easily accessible way to provide multiple individuals with email addresses, that a Rochester web development agency can offer.

Nowadays, the email platforms that Rochester web development professionals will use are far more complex and efficient than their predecessors. In 1961, MIT developed a Compatible Time Sharing System, or CTSS< that allowed users to log in to a central system to store and share files on the central disk. That gave rise to CTSS mail, which is the first true email system. Because there were platforms and services that allowed for the sharing of text based messages decades ago, there is no real agreement on when the first email was sent. But today, many companies will work with a Rochester web development firms in order to get a great Rochester web design and send emails to both current and potential customers. By helping avoid spam folders, Rochester web development agencies can be a great resource.

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