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In 2011, approximately 96,000 women underwent breast implant surgery after a mastectomy for reconstructive purposes. Whether women want to get an augmentation for this reason or for another, they should make sure they come to one of the finest plastic surgeons tampa fl has. The most professional plastic surgeons Tampa FL women can find will evaluate their situation carefully, so that they can give them the best results possible.

While seeking plastic surgeons Tampa FL patients should make sure that they find someone who is board certified, and has years of experience. The number of women in America opting for a cosmetic breast augmentation is up 45 percent since 2000, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Those women that are seeking the most competent surgeon for a breast augmentation Tampa FL has will want to make sure that they work with someone who can explain to them all of the risks of the procedure before they begin.

The most professional Tampa plastic surgeons can explain that some women may correct their image problems by adjusting their bra size. The most competent plastic surgeons Tampa FL has can explain how approximately 80 percent of women wear the wrong size bra. Across the globe, consumers spend nearly $16 billion on bras every year. Initially patented in 1914, bras gradually replaced corsets. Corsets did not go out of style until WWI, when the War Industries Board request that women cease wearing them so that metal could be freed up for the war effort.