Spicy Fresh Guacamole is Amazingly Delicious

Spicy hummus

The Guinness World record for the biggest ever dish of hummus was the one that weighed in at more than 4 tons, which is about what the weight of 4 average sized cars weigh. The first time recipes using hummus started showing up in America was in the 1960s and 1970s. You could only buy hummus at the health food stores at that time. Now there are several hummus brands for sale in local supermarkets everywhere. Most people have only had humus served with pita chips or as a sandwich spread. Cooks use it in a variety of recipes today however.

Some of the freshest tasting dips are hummus dips made from freshly cooked chickpeas. Hummus is delicious and is a good source of fiber in your diet. You know you are eating healthy when you have hummus on the menu. Hummus dips are also full of protein, because of the sesame seeds that are in the ingredients. You can get about 1 percent of your daily need for calcium by eating this healthy dish. Also, hummus has about 1 percent of your daily need for riboflavin, potassium and vitamin B6.

Spicy fresh guacamole is also a nutritious dip to serve to your family. Everyone loves a classic mild salsa too. Making your own spicy fresh guacamole is fun and easy to do. All you have to do is select some fresh ripe avocados, then slice and dice the fruit in a bowl. Avocados are also smashed and then mixed with seasonings and diced tomatoes. Add some hot peppers and lemon or lime juice to make spicy fresh guacamole too. Some people like to add cilantro to their spicy fresh guacamole dips as well. However, cilantro is a herb that people either love or hate. Just add a few leaves to your guacamole if you are not sure what your preferences are the first time you make your own spicy guacamole dip using cilantro, just in case you turn out to be one of the people who hates cilantro. Most people consider spicy fresh guacamole to be an amazingly delicious dip to serve with fresh homemade tortilla chips too.
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