The Power Of Electrical Surplus

Used electrical parts

You know better than anyone what your business needs to do the job right. But do you know the best place to get it? And the most affordable? While brand new industrial electrical equipment may always be a reliable choice, it may not always be economically feasible. Electrical surplus outlets may provide options you might not have considered.

How about used electrical equipment or used electrical parts? Many electrical surplus retailers carry an impressive array of previously used but perfectly functioning equipment at prices well below the cost of the same new item. Used bus ducts, used electrical panels, used transformers… any of these items could help lower your purchase costs and improve your bottom line. If purchasing perfectly serviceable used PPE equipment from an electrical surplus store can tip the balance sheet even a little bit in your favor, why not do it?

Online surplus vendors are becoming popular options. Buyers can browse an entire catalog of equipment and see pricing and in stock items without going to the store itself. Buying from an online vendor can be a frightening prospect, if you are worried about purchasing an item without being able to test it yourself. The whole process may take a leap of faith, but the potential rewards of finding a trustworthy and capable online electrical surplus supplier can be well worth the risk, if you deal with a variety of project sizes and cannot find a local surplus dealer.

Items can wind up in electrical surplus outlets for a number of reasons. Some items may indeed be surplus, that is, completely brand new items that were manufactured but not needed, or liquidated from a company that went out of business. The only difference between those brand new square D transformers purchased from the OEM and from an electrical surplus store is a lower cost from the latter. And that just makes good business sense. Read more.

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