Making Environmental Choices for Flooring

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Your carpeting and flooring choices have expanded vastly in past years, in fact some of the new materials introduce renewable resources. In fact the LEED program, from the United States Green Building Council, recommends a rapidly renewable resource, bamboo flooring. These considerations give you tremendous options for flooring Washington DC.

Your choices just in hardwood flooring Maryland or hardwood floors washington dc set the tone for the look of your home. Hardwood floors provide a refined aesthetic look and can positively impact the value of your home. Those DC flooring options include multiple variations in board size. For example, there are color variations and size differences that can set the tone of your room.

Linoleum, sometimes shunned as cheap flooring, has made a come back for flooring Rockville or for flooring DC. While it has been around since 1855 when Englishman Frederick Walton invented it. Its name is derived from the latin names for its compenents, linum (flax) and oleum (oil). During its evolution, linoleum flooring Washington DC has become more sophisticated with patterns, colors and textures.

EcoTimber is one of the many companies making environmentally conscious materials and flooring. It also provides a healthy alternative to some of the chemicals and odors associated with new carpeting in your flooring Washington DC. Also, hardwood flooring does not hold in dirt and particles that can contribute to indoor allergies. That being said, there are newer brands of carpeting that are made to environmentally safe guidelines so that they do not emit vapors.

Finally, you can find alternatives for flooring Washington DC that you do not traditionally associate with flooring. Cork has become a viable material for its elasticity and insulating properties. The previously mentioned bamboo flooring is inherently harder than Maple and Red Oak. Your flooring Washington DC is only limited by your imagination. There are sustainable woods that you can design or stain to mimic some of the exotics or other materials.

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