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The History of the Iraqi Dinar

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Iraqi dinar to us dollar
What is the dinar? The Dinar is the current currency of Iraq. It was first introduced as official currency in 1932, replacing the former Indian Rupee. For many years, Iraqi dinars were worth as much as the British pound, probably owing to the affects of British occupation that followed the first World War. It even rose in value, at one point being worth as much as three US dollars. The Iraqi dinar produced from the 1970s until the Gulf War are known as swiss dinars because they were printed in Switzerland. After the Gulf War, the UN placed sanctions against Iraq, leading to the production of a cheaper and lower quality dinar. Initially, Iraqi dinars was so cheapily produced that there was a still plausible rumor that some of it had been printed using a newspaper print. The swiss Dinar is still in circulation and is worth many times the value of newer printed dinars. Both overprinting, sanctions, and probably some counterfeitings led to a devaluation of the currency, and it sank to a value of 3000 dinars per US dollar in 1995. Today, all notes are printed using modern anti forgery techniques. Coins have not been used or produced for many years since they hold no real value. Much of the internet has been buzzing about Iraqi dinars recently. Why? There is rumor that there will be an Iraqi dinar revalue. Many interested buyers have been snapping up Iraqi dinars so that they can make a profit when the price for them goes up. Be wary, however, of investing in foreign currency. Currency markets are notoriously difficult to predict, and the current news of the Iraqi dinar is not exactly supportive of this rumor, since it is actually encountering regional issues with devaluation, rather than an increase in value. See this link for more:

The Murphy Bed Better Than Ever

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Folding beds
Murphy beds are back! This common space saver of the early 1900s enjoyed huge popularity in apartments and homes across the nation (as well as the occasional slapstick comedy), but recently has experienced a resurgence in popularity, as technology and building techniques have made the Murphy bed an attractive and durable option, while still being as practical as ever. Folding beds like Murphy beds offer flexibility and function where space is limited. If your bedroom must also serve double duty as your home office, a Murphy bed will allow you to have a comfortable bed at night while maximizing your office floorspace during the day. Or turn any room into a guest room with one easy motion, providing a full size bed for whomever might stop by. Conversely, the folding wall bed technique can also be applied to office furniture, in what is affectionately known as the Murphy desk. Many beds can also be found as standalone models, with no installation necessary. These beds offer the classic freedom of a Murphy bed, but with added portability and options for apartment residents. Wall beds can be securely latched for households with small children, and advanced balance and weighting techniques make operation smoother and easier than ever. And beds can blend in seamlessly with existing walls, so that guests would never know that there was an entire bedroom just waiting to happen! If you need more space, more beds, or simply more options for your home and office, now is a great time to reacquaint yourself with the Murphy bed.

Obtaining New Customers with the Help of an SEO Company

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Exchange server hosting
One of the biggest challenges businesses face is trying to acquire new customers. The Internet, when used correctly, has provided businesses with a number of marketing tools that can help attract new customers to a particular business. Businesses that wish to properly use the Internet to attract the attention of new customers may want to consider hiring the services of an SEO company Texas firm. An SEO company Texas firm can provide a number of services ranging from search engine optimization and web development dallas to social media management. All of these services provided by an SEO Texas firm can help businesses. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the first type of service an Seo company Texas firm can provide. Search engine optimization can help a business website move up in ranks on popular search engines, like Google and Bing. Rank matters on search engines because almost 18 percent of all clicks go to the top ranked website on a particular search result page, while 10 percent goes to the second ranked site, and 7 percent to the third. This means the higher the rank, the more customers a website might receive. An SEO company Texas firm can help websites move up in rank by using a number of SEO techniques that include creating blogs, writing high quality content, and conducting keyword research. All of which can help a website move up in ranks. The SEO company Texas firm can also help businesses understand what is SEO and why it is important. Another important service an SEO company Texas firm can provide is social media management. The employees at the firm work as social media consultants and can provide businesses with guidance on how to use social media accounts, how to keep it updated, and how to use it to acquire customers. After all, 41 percent of most companies say they got a customer from Facebook, while one in five people admit to purchasing a product after seeing an ad or status about a product. This shows just how important social media is to businesses. Businesses that wish to succeed can rely upon the services provided by an Seo company texas firm.