Three Tips for Talking to Car Dealers

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Did you know that Ford Motor Company, the American multinational automaker that is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, was incorporated in 1903? That makes this company over a hundred years old. If nothing else, the brand has a long history of producing reliable vehicles. Honda is another company with a long history, though not quite as long as Ford. A Japanese company, Honda got its start in 1937, though it did not take off until several years later. Today, one popular vehicle choice is the Honda Civic.

Many people are interested in buying new and used cars. What are some tips you can keep in mind for talking to car dealers?

First, when you talk to a Honda dealer Pikeville, make sure you come prepared with a rough idea of how much you should be spending depending on if the vehicle you want is new or used. Right now, the estimated cost for a Honda Civic, for example, is a little over 18,000 dollars. Knowing this is important, because it will prevent you from getting caught up extras that raise the bill of a Honda Civic to, say, 22 thousand. Look up facts on the internet since newspaper ads for cars are often intentionally misleading and dealers will not take them too seriously.

Second, Ford dealers, like any other dealer, are ultimately looking out for their own best interest as well as yours. Be wary of how many extras you agree to. Over the long stretch, ten extra dollars a month might not seem like much, until you realize that its really adding up to several hundred dollars over the years. Heated seats are nice, but will you ever really use them enough to justify several hundred dollars? Most dealers have more basic cars on their lot, even if they try and get you to upgrade to something more pricey.

Third, did you know it would take 157 days to drive to the moon if you drove at 60 mph nonstop? With gas prices being higher than they used to be, with more rises likely in the future, make sure that all your travels will not be costing you loads of money at the pump every week. Pay attention to the mpg and do not settle for something sub par. The Honda Civic, for example, has a city mpg of 28 and a highway mpg of 36. More like this blog. Continue. Check out this website for more.

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