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Discover the Advantages Solar Energy Can Provide

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Solar panels systems for your home
Even in 2013, the advantages for solar energy consumers may be not as apparent as others may wish they were. Solar panels use light energy from the sun (photos) to generate electricity through what is called the photovoltaic effect. In newer commercial products, the best achieved sunlight conversion rate (which measures solar panel efficiency) is approximately 20.1%. While that may sound low to some people, it still means that there are tons of advantages for solar energy households. Solar panels for your house have come down in price over the past few years, which means what used to be a luxury for the affluent is now becoming something that more and more people can capitalize on. The cost of

Is Your Home Protected Against Theft and Burglary? If you don’t Have an Alarm System, you Aren’t

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Adt installation
Afraid your home is going to be broken into? If you don’t have a alarm monitoring service, you should be. Each year, many homes are broken into across the United States as well as Canada, and the ones that are most often victimized are those that do not have an alarm system. In fact, just having an alarm system and showing evidence of it, either through a window decal or a yard sign, deters the majority of burglars from even looking twice at your home. Not only that, but ADT installation is quick and easy, and in most cases can be done in a day. So, not only can alarm systems for home protect it from break ins, but they are also

Do You Have What it Takes to Become a Certified Public Accountant?

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Tax preparation reno nevada
Are you thinking about becoming a CPA? Before you dive into CPA training, you may want to research several aspects of the job, and CPA certification requirements. A certified public accountant can have a lucrative career if they are properly trained, and enjoy what they do. The first step you may want to take would be shadowing a small business CPA near you. Do a bit of research about the day to day work of a certified public accountant in your area to be sure the job is right for you. Speak with a few certified public accountants in slightly different disciplines. You may want to become a small business CPA, a Continue Reading 19 Comments