Is Your Home Protected Against Theft and Burglary? If you don’t Have an Alarm System, you Aren’t

Adt installation

Afraid your home is going to be broken into? If you don’t have a alarm monitoring service, you should be. Each year, many homes are broken into across the United States as well as Canada, and the ones that are most often victimized are those that do not have an alarm system. In fact, just having an alarm system and showing evidence of it, either through a window decal or a yard sign, deters the majority of burglars from even looking twice at your home.

Not only that, but ADT installation is quick and easy, and in most cases can be done in a day. So, not only can alarm systems for home protect it from break ins, but they are also really convenient and don’t get in the way at all.

Here are some more points about the benefits of alarm systems if you still aren’t convinced.

  • More than 6.4 million customers are serviced by ADT, making it the largest security company across Canada and the United States.
  • The most likely targets that burglars go after are actually single family detached homes.
  • At 65%, more than half of all burglars are Caucasian, and less than a third at 31% are Hispanic.
  • At a surprising 95%, almost all burglars are male.
  • Typically a burglar may in fact know a victim because they are usually located within a two mile radius of the victim’s house.

So, if you are looking into getting an ADT installation, just consider these reasons as extra fuel for why you might want to invest in a security system!
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