Douglas E Fleit Leads American Real Estate Partners

Douglast e. fleit

American Real Estate Partners, with headquarters in Herndon, Virginia, is a privately held, fully integrated real estate investment company. The company focuses on commercial real estate and financial instruments along the Eastern Seaboard.

CEO Douglas e fleit, and President and COO Brian L. Katz lead the company. Katz and Douglas E Fleit state that the company is guided by the philosophy to identify opportunity, manage risk as well as to create value. The company under the guidance of Douglas E Fleit acts as a principal, rather than an allocator of capitol or as an advisor. When thinking of commercial property, this refers to land or structures that are planned to generate a profit for investors, either from rental income or capital gain.

Douglas E Fleit invest side by side with many institutional investors around the globe. The principals, Douglas E. Fleit and Brian Katz, as well as the rest of the senior executives of the company have the ability identify opportunities for their client bases. Douglas E Fleit and the rest of the team have experience in real estate markets, asset management, real estate acquisition, construction, and risk management.

The decision makers at American Real Estate Partners, including Douglas E Fleit began their experience in real estate in the commercial arena, learning the entire business from the ground floor up.

Douglas E Fleit himself brings more than 35 years of experience in all areas of commercial real estate. He has worked in more than 40 different markets around the country. During his tenure in the market, Doug E Fleit has worked with transactions of different types including leasing, finance, sales and development. He has worked on a total of more than 30 million square feet of transactions.

The experience of Douglast E. Fleit has made him and his team one of the pre eminent real estate companies in certain markets. He has guided the company through acquiring assets that meet the requirements of their investment partners. This helps position each asset with the potential to reach its maximum value.

The American Real Estate Partners team, with the leadership of Douglas E Fleit brings a measured, thoughtful, and professional approach to all of their activities, ensuring the satisfaction of their clients and investment partners.


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