Month: August 2013

  • Douglas E Fleit Leads American Real Estate Partners

    American Real Estate Partners, with headquarters in Herndon, Virginia, is a privately held, fully integrated real estate investment company. The company focuses on commercial real estate and financial instruments along the Eastern Seaboard. CEO Douglas e fleit, and President and COO Brian L. Katz lead the company. Katz and Douglas E Fleit state that the […]

  • What Can a Service Plan Do for Your Vehicle?

    Did you know that in Derby, Kansas, it is a misdemeanor to screech your car tires while you are driving? It is also a misdemeanor to swear from your vehicle in Rockville, MD. That is why it is important to be responsible while driving. Responsibility also involves taking care of your vehicle, and Nissan service […]

  • Want a Motorcycle?

    Have you ever wanted to buy a motorcycle or scooter? For a lot of people, motorcycles and scooters are prime alternatives to automobiles, as they cost less to both drive and maintain, and have other advantages like small size that can get you out of waiting in traffic. If you live in the Maryland, Northern […]