Three Tips for Reducing Workplace Injuries

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Did you know that, from 2008 to 2013, the number of construction worker fatalities has decreased by about 200 people per year? Much of this is thanks to improved safety standards and equipment. When it comes to construction safety, there are many things you should know. Here are three ways that people help reduce risks on the job.

1. Safety Training

Did you know that the four leading causes of death in construction are falls, getting caught between two objects, electrocution, and getting struck by objects? This is why safety training is important for anyone involved in construction. Many injuries are preventable by just following standards and not cutting corners. Safety training helps workers approach difficult projects with confidence and ensures that construction companies can pass OSHA, ANSI or ASME inspections.

2. The Right Equipment

Training helps to teach employees how to handle safety equipment correctly. Sometimes the issue is not a lack of safety procedures or items being used, but a misapplication of their usage. Quality fall protection equipment like chain slings and web slings can be essential in preventing accidents, but need to be set up correctly in order to be as effective as possible. Chain slings, for example, are used to help harness heavy materials. If applied incorrectly, they could end up falling on workers and doing more damage than a hard hat could prevent against.


Have you heard of OSHA, also known as Occupational Safety and Health Administration Training? OSHA is a well known term in construction because it is the government agency that ensures compliance with safety guidelines. Companies that do not follow OSHA can risk being fined hundreds of dollars for noncompliance, so it is important that employees receive Osha training so that they do not accidentally break the rules. In 2012, the most frequently violated OSHA standards were fall protection, hazard communication, scaffolding and respiratory protection.

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