Use Helpful Tools to Make Moving Easier

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According to the Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey, only 34 million Americans decided to move between the years 2007 and 2008. That number was the lowest total since 1959 to 1960. While there are several factors that contribute to that downward trend, including the collapse of the housing market, the inconvenience and difficulty with moving also plays a role. After death and divorce, moving is the most stressful process that people will go through in their life, which means many will choose to stay in one location if they can. However, there are certain tools and resources, like storage moving pods, that help make relocating easier.

In 2012, most of the people who lived at a different location a year ago, some 64%, chose to move within the same county. However, many will move longer distances, which comes with its own set of problems. 44% of people will elect to move because of a new job opportunity or transfer, which means they might have to go all the way across the country. If that is the case, then they should think about not only using storage moving pods, but also hiring moving pods companies for some help. They can handle lots of the heavy lifting and ease some of the burden of relocation.

Many people will also move simply because the terms on their rental agreement are up. Though some don’t mind renting at the same place for a couple years, others will want to get out after just a year, or maybe even less. Around a third of renters move every year to either buy a place of their own or simply enjoy a change of scenery. But no matter if someone is moving into a different apartment or new home with their growing family, using moving tools is a good idea. They can help people stay organized and alleviate some of the stress of moving.

Unfortunately, people usually move more than once, even if they hate going through the ordeal. In fact, the average person will move more than 11 times in their life. This means that everyone should try to invest in storage and moving pods that can be shoved into a basement to protect certain items and thrown into the back of a truck when moving. One of the main difficulties when it comes to moving is storage, and having those items handy can make doing so much easier every time.

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