Have You Ever Considered Sprucing Up the Bedroom With a Headboard?

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Did you know that you have options for dressing up slat beds or even king size storage beds? You need not feel like the decor of your bedroom must be dictated by the size, shape, and style of your bed. Aside from blankets and sheets, do you know what your other options are when it comes to making your bed look nicer? Have you ever considered a headboard?

Traditionally, headboards were used to isolate sleepers from drafts and cold in less-insulated buildings, which is why wood headboards were so popular, due to it being less conductive. It created a space between the wall and the sleeper, where the cold air could sink to the floor as opposed to the bed.

But nowadays, thanks to better insulation and heating technology, headboards are chiefly utilitarian or aesthetic in function. Not needing to worry about them doing a job, you can find headboards in a huge variety of styles, made from a wide array of materials. There is enough variety out there that you are most certainly able to find something that will fit your stylistic preferences for the bedroom.

  • Wood Headboards
  • As mentioned above, wood headboards are the classic style. Since they do not need to be solid to protect from cold air anymore, you are able to find some intricately designed and ornately carved pieces that are just absolutely stunning works of craftsmanship. There are any number of different woods that are used, which come in a large variety of natural hues and grain patterns. Or you can find those that are stained in order to match certain pre-established furniture designs.

  • Iron Headboards
  • Iron headboards can range from simple and stylish, having a subtle design of curves and bars that the eye can flow over nicely without attracting the eye too much, to ornate. There are some absolutely beautiful iron headboards out there that are filigreed and curving in the sweep of the metal. The pieces can be hand-crafted into paisley, floral, or even heart designs as the metal bars crisscross each other, offering both form and function. Even with an ornate design, there is something simple and beautiful about the iron worked into a headboard. Iron certainly has a different feel to it than a wooden headboard.

  • Upholstered Headboards
  • And upholstered headboards have yet a different feel to them. These can come in a huge variety of styles, because the upholstery can be virtually any fabric out there that you could want. Some of these headboards are big, puffy, quilted boards, that basically look like big cushions at the head of the bed. Or they can be much more reserved, being simple, cloth-covered, subtle and complementary in their layout and construction. An upholstered headboard does not have to be your grandma’s style anymore, there are some very classy designs available.

A nice, well-crafted headboard may be all that you have been missing in order to pull the bedroom together. No matter what style you have going in the bedroom, you are sure to find a headboard to match. Or, if you are stuck without a style, finding a beautiful headboard that speaks to you is a great way to start a style.

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