How a Broken Window Might Be a Good Thing

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Did you know that manufacturers say you should be replacing your windows every 20 years? Of course, you will have to plan on doing it a little bit sooner if you have a broken window glass. Unfortunately, very few people know how to fix a broken window glass. It is one of those DIY projects that is made extra difficult by the fact that if you mess it up, you probably do not get a re-do.

Therefore, it may be best for your time and sanity if you call for glass and window repair, and consider upgrading your window glass at the same time. If you broke a single pane, then try a double pane window for energy efficient replacement windows. If you choose a triple pane window you can realize between $126 and $465 in savings a year! However, even just replacing a single pane with a double pane will be a good upgrade. The best energy efficient windows have air or gas sealed between the panes for insulation.

While you are replacing that window, you might consider getting a window treatment. If you get an Aquapel treatment on your house windows you will find it easier to clean them, with just a quick spray from the hose. Aquapel is a fluoridated compound that adheres to glass, and repels water. Typically it is applied to car windows, but more people are enjoying the treatment on their home windows and sliding glass doors. Truly, any difficult-to-reach or clean window will benefit from an Aquapel treatment.

For those of us who do not know how to fix a broken window glass, there is hope. Window repair costs average somewhere between $300 and $700, a small price to pay for restoring the integrity of your home and enjoying more energy efficient windows. Professionals can help you choose the best energy efficient replacements, and treat the glass for you. You may just like your new windows so much that you find yourself accidentally breaking a few more. Continue reading here.

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