Looking to Buy Camouflage Apparel?

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A hundred years ago, camouflage attire on a civilian would be a strange sight. In 2013, however, camouflage textiles are widely available, as many stores offer things like camo bedding, camo wedding favors, camo bathing suits for women and even pink camouflage clothing.

The military camouflage people are so familiar with today was actually developed by the French during the course of World War I. At the end of the war, in 1919, the attendants of a “dazzle ball” hosted by the Chelsea Arts Club actually wore dazzle-patterned black and white clothing, which served as a predecessor to modern formal camouflage clothing.

Every different article of camouflage is different; some camouflage mimics the broken shapes of light shining through trees, like the markings on a giraffe. Animals actually often have camouflage, which serves as a defense mechanism. Squid, for example, can change their color to blend in with new surroundings, much like chameleons. The military often uses camouflage on clothing and vehicles, and can actually adapt their camouflage to fit in deserts, jungles and even arctic conditions.

Modern military camouflage actually has its roots in the avant-garde cubist art movements in the early 1900s. Years later, camouflage is widely available. Many stores actually sell camouflage clothing, from camo bathing suits for women to camo garters. At the end of the day, there are very few items one can buy that don’t come in a camouflage option.

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