Online Marketing Companies Offering Search Engine Optimization Programs to Businesses Looking to Make a Bigger Impact Online

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Those in the business world today are well aware that the market is as fiercely competitive as ever. This is due in part to the abundance of businesses that have surfaced. It would seem that for every product or service that a person could be seeking, they now have plenty of options of businesses available that can offer it. Though this may be an advantage for the consumer, it causes many businesses to struggle to succeed because it is difficult for them to stand out among the rest. In recent years, Internet marketing has been one of the most surefire ways for a business to gain the attention of the general public. Search engine optimization, or SEO as it is commonly known, has proven to be an effective strategy for marketing a business website. Businesses that want to establish a greater web presence and become more prominent on search engines can hire an online marketing company that offers SEO tips and reseller programs.

Online activity has continued to increase recently with increased use of tablets and smartphones. This is leaving brick and mortar stores facing challenges from online retailers like never before. More than half of the money spent in the U.S. retail sector is expected to be spent on online marketing and web presence by 2016.

When people use search engines, approximately three quarters of them ignore the paid links and only click on the organic links that are returned. This is why one of the most common SEO tips given to businesses is to use organic content to increase their search ranking. Online marketing companies can create custom content for their clients that contains the key words and phrases that are commonly searched in relation to that business.

Social media also has a major influence on the online business world. Up from 28 percent in 2011, 30 percent of businesses outsource at least a portion of their social media marketing. Fans and followers are tracked by 94 percent of social media marketers. To receive assistance with social media marketing or SEO tips, businesses can hire an online marketing company.

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