The Importance of Choosing the Right Oil

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Did you know that drivers in the United States use 1.3 billion gallons of motor oil every year? Although motor oil is typically used for one purpose, which is to lubricate the components inside engines, there are many motor oil types available. As a result, it is important to determine which type of motor oil is best for your car.

When searching for motor oil for cars, it is important to look at the grade. Typically, a single-grade motor oil will be given a “W” designation, such as 5W, 10W, or 20W, while a multi-grade oil will contain two grades, such as 5W-30 or 10W-20. In order to determine the best motor oil for your car, one of the best things to do is look at your car manual, as this will tell you exactly which type of oil your car needs. When it is finally time to get rid of your used oil, recycling is typically the best option.

Motor oil never wears out. Instead, it only gets dirty, so recycling it ensures that it is never thrown away needlessly. Unfortunately, however, an estimated 200 million gallons of motor oil is illegally dumped each year. Properly recycled oil, on the other hand, can be cleaned and used again. In fact, two gallons of properly recycled oil can power the average home for a full 24 hours, according to the EPA. Although oil is versatile, cars must utilize the correct type of oil to ensure that they run properly at all times.

An engine can run flawlessly when it uses the right oil, but putting too much oil in your car can actually be harmful because the oil pressure will fluctuate. Additionally, it is important to examine the various motor oil types when determining which oil is best for your car, and it is also essential to recycle your old oil properly. By doing so, your car will not only run flawlessly, but you will also prevent used oil from being wasted, as well.

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