What is Zerona Weight Loss Program, Exactly? Three Facts

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Did you know that the average adult has about 50 billion fat cells in their body? That’s more cells than there are people on the planet! If you are trying to lose weight and searching for a medical weight loss program, you might have heard about Zerona. What is Zerona? This is a low level laser device designed for non-invasive body slimming. It can work on the waist, thighs, and hips. Interested in knowing more? Here are three important facts about this procedure.

1. How does Zerona fat removal work?

The laser disrupts adipocyte, which is a fat cell membrane in the body. Basically, it causes the cells to collapse and be eliminated from the body as waste. It was granted clearance by the FDA in 2010. In the clinical study, participants lost an average of 3.5 inches across their thighs, hips and waist, compared to .68 inches lost by those who participated in the placebo group.

2. Will Zerona help you experience rapid weight loss?

As noted above, the average individual loses about 3.6 inches. This occurs over a period of two weeks, indicating that the weight loss is fairly rapid. The amount of loss weight will not be huge, though, so this is not a replacement for something like gastric bypass surgery, which can lead to a large amount of loss weight. Instead, this procedure is best suited for people who want firmer, leaner bodies, but don’t expect to see drastic, hundred pound changes.

3. How much does Zerona cost?

On average, Zerona costs about $2,000, though this can vary depending on your needs, location, the practicing doctor, et cetera. In most cases you receive six sessions over a period of about two weeks. The experience is said to be basically painless, which might make it a suitable alternative for those who would rather avoid surgery and its potential complications. How do Zerona reviews read? One reviewing community gives it a 50% satisfaction rating. Not every body responds the same way to treatment, so make sure you consult with a doctor to get honest feedback as to whether you are a good candidate for this treatment.

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