Why Right Now Is the Best Time to Move to St George

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Luxury homes are generally defined as houses valued at $500,000 or more, but their prices are increasing, which makes many buyers feel a sense of urgency to act now lest they miss out. Thankfully, the real estate market is stabilizing, not only as short sales and foreclosures leave the market, but also as mortgage rates begin to look fairly low, as reported by real estate info site The Street. This means that the time is fairly ripe for finding the right homes for sale and getting great mortgage rates.

One area of interest for finding particularly good mortgage rates is the beautiful St. George, Utah. The 2012 US Census Bureau estimated that the area has a population of 75,561, which is only a fraction of cities that don’t even have half of its splendor and majesty. You see, many people’s decision to move to St. George happens rather serendipitously. They visit or pass through, and become completely charmed with its beautiful red rock geography.

Aside from the breath-taking scenery, and the lower mortgage rates, St. George offers newcomers luxury homes, fine retirement communities, golf courses, parks, as well as 65 miles of urban walking and biking trails that afford citizens the chance to really soak in the city’s beauty as they’re set against the red canyon walls and black lava rock.

Not to mention St. George’s thriving local economy. The city is a major center for technology, mining, and transportation, which also help Utah as a whole to be a fairly prosperous state. In fact, its economy was rated as one of the strongest economies in the United States during the recession.

St. George citizens enjoy an exceptionally high quality of life. The cost of living is less expensive than cities all throughout the country, while the salaries are higher than average. Plus, the scenery and recreational opportunities afford citizens to have strong mental well being.

So why not move? The mortgage rates are low, but house prices are rising, which now the most opportune time to buy. If you have any questions about St. George’s mortgage rates or quality of life, feel free to ask in the comments. Continue reading here.

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