How to Find a Good Lawyer

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Chances are that If you’ve suffered an accident, you’re going to need to find a good lawyer. Without knowing or realizing it, you may be entitled to money that can carry you through your recovery process, until you’re ready and able to return to work. It’s especially important to find a good lawyer to get you this money if you’re permanently disabled.

However, it can be tricky to find quality workplace injury lawyers who can help guide you through the settlement process. Simply flipping open a phonebook to find a good lawyer, or gleaning contact information off of a commercial simply doesn’t work. It won’t give you enough information to make a valid judgement. Instead, you need to ask your friends and family for personal referrals, search the web, email them, or set up a consultation, all so you can get a good feel for the lawyer.

When going through the process of trying to find a good lawyer, there are several thing you have to take into consideration. In addition to the proper education, experience and specialized training an attorney may have, you need to find a good lawyer with a compatible personality to your own, who has good communication skills, and demonstrate a willingness to work with you.

It’s best to look for these characteristics when you interview them during your consultation. At that time in the process of trying to find a good lawyer, you should also ask a couple of important questions. You need ask them about the length of their career, will they handle the case personally or pass it off to a possibly less experienced attorney, and what percentage of the law firm deals with personal injury cases. You should also be keen to learn whether the lawyer represents more plaintiffs or defendants, because you don’t want someone who’s primarily been a lawyer for defendants. Whether consciously or unconsciously, their attitudes and philosophy may be too close to that of the insurance companies, meaning they won’t work as hard for your case.

Remember, exhaust all investigative means for finding a lawyer, look closely at their personality, and ask them the important questions. If you keep these mind, you’ll have no problem finding the right lawyer. If you have any questions about finding a good lawyer, feel free to ask in the comments. Find out more about this topic here.

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