How to Find the Ideal Wedding Location for Your Special Day

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If you’re like scores of other brides- and grooms-to-be, you’ve poured the very essence of your soul into planning for the perfect ceremony and reception. Cheap weddings are easy, but memorable occasions take plenty of planning and preparation. Some people have been dreaming about their ideal wedding locations since childhood, which means it’s a decision that simply can’t be made lightly. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to prepare a checklist to help you make the right choice:

What kind of ceremony are you aiming for?

If you’re planning on having a low-key, intimate affair with mostly family in attendance, you probably want to avoid the grandeur of a cathedral or a showy banquet hall. On the other hand, if you want your wedding to be a maximalist celebration with hundreds of guests, go big on the venue. Book a party house that can hold up to 500 people (just in case) or a regal locale decked out with multitudes of buffet tables for a proper feast.

What does your budget look like?

Obviously, this is probably the most important aspect of planning out appropriate wedding locations. You might want to tie the knot under crystal chandelier, but you might have to settle for a globe lamp. Remember, every penny you save on the location means more you can spend on the entrees or the entertainment. But just because not everyone can exchange vows in a royal banquet hall doesn’t mean they can’t make their wedding an amazing experience.

How many people do you plan to invite?

We sort of covered this above, but planning out the guest list for a wedding is easily the area that can cause the most pre-ceremony stress. It helps to break it down: Who is absolutely essential and who can sit this one out? If you’re opting for a larger crowd, always ensure they’ll have enough room to sprawl out — both in the dining area and on the dance floor.

Is it convenient for your guests?

Sure, everyone would love to get married on a mountaintop. But can your grandmother brave the steep steps it takes to ascend to the scenic height? And how close is the nearest hotel for folks who have to come in from out of town? These are realistic concerns to keep in mind as you scout for wedding locations. After all, it’s as much their celebration as it is yours.

Are you working with a professional planner?

Touring multiple potential wedding locations can quickly turn into an arduous task, which is why it’s usually to your benefit to get a second opinion. No, not just from your spouse-to-be, either. It helps to get in touch with an experienced wedding and event planner to assist you in your organizational needs. Professional planners have been in the game for years and know the right kinds of questions to ask about prospective wedding locations from the venue managers.

Though all wedding locations are special places, it’s important to find the one that’ll be the most special to you. After all, this is your big day, and it only comes around once — if you’re lucky. Keep these criteria in mind, and good luck! Check out this website for more.

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