Learn How Server Racks Can Help Your Business

Server enclosures

A computer server rack is a standardized enclosure used for the mounting of multiple pieces of equipment. Typically, they are 19 inches wide. Within a server rack enclosure are multiple holes running up and down from top to bottom. These allow equipment to be fastened inside the enclosure. These days, server rack enclosures are an important, if not crucial, aspect of almost every business.

Server rack enclosures, as their name suggests, are typically used to store computer servers and other computer equipment. The advantage of using these kinds of enclosures is that they allow for dense hardware configurations without needing to occupy excessive floorspace or requiring shelving. They also provide flexibility as components can be easily swapped in and out of an enclosure. Portable server racks further increase the flexibility these enclosures can provide.

While they are all server racks, they are by no means limited to just server equipment. In fact, they are used in a number of different settings to store all types of devices. Other common types of devices stored, after computers, are telephone and audio equipment. When designing a server rack, companies need to keep in mind how to properly cool the enclosed devises in order to prevent dangerous overheating regardless of what kind of equipment in stored within.

If you would like to find out more information on server racks, and how they can help your business, look online. You can also buy server racks online, including used server racks.

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