Why Does Portal Management and Development Matter? Three Facts

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Did you know that Peregrine Pharmaceuticals has just announced the beginning of a new trial for oncology centers? Their drug helps patients with second-line non-small cell lung cancer, according to Phase II demonstrations of overall survival rates. Peregrine Pharmaceuticals was aided in their trials and release by new web portal development.

For many businesses, content management and web portal development are integral elements of online growth and communication. Are you thinking about using custom web applications for your company? Here are three things to consider.

1. Many Industries Benefit from This Type of Web Design

Web applications help businesses engage in completing critical tasks. This leads to an increase in productivity, and better recorded interactions between consumers and the business itself. The systems are interactive and built upon three tiers of service: user, data, and business. Medical software development is a high growth industry for web portal development, since the FDA now regulates how hospitals and other health care facilities employ medical device software.

2. Why People Invest in Custom Web Applications

Effective content management is important for linking people to the information they seek. As the importance of website navigability continues to grow– people will stop clicking through and leave your site if they do not understand where to go– the demand for such systems will only increase. Recently, Mississippi’s official website received recognition for a well organized web portal. The site was praised for its economy, efficiency, delivery of services and functionality. The new website will likely allow many residents to find the information they seek more quickly and easily than ever before.

3. What Should You Look for in a Content Management System?

According to Clay Schossow, a CMS expert, there are several features you should look for in a content management system, including SEO control, clean URLS, design independence, speed, performance, incorporated plugins, and different tiers of user access. Why are tiers of access necessary? When it comes to the administration of information, you don’t want anyone accessing data they are not supposed to be privy to. This is especially important in medical fields, where confidentiality laws regulate information exchange.

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