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Our foundation is inspected annually at least. It is common to see a small crack in the foundation at least once a year. With time, your home will settle, and cracks will develop. It is essential that you know which ones are problematic. This will help you decide what type of foundation repairs your house may need.

Vertical cracks are by far the most commonly encountered kind of foundational crack. They are not a significant cause of concern. These are the cracks that can be caused by natural settlement that occurs with the structure of your house. They can be present even in the case of a new home. Cracks like these can be more severe than cracks that are horizontal. They are typically seen cracks in foundations made of brick and cement blocks. The unbalanced pressure of the soil and water can cause cracks. The two can create enough to put a lot of stress onto the structure. Cracks can appear from one wall to the next. You may find these cracks appear after a rainy season. The cracks may also indicate that the drainage system in your home is not working properly. If you observe diagonal cracks, it is likely that the house has experienced the uneven process of settlement. The types of cracks mentioned above should be monitored closely. Cracks may indicate that one part of your home is more settled than the others. This may also suggest that the soil has gone through drastic changes as a result of extreme rain or drought. This can be more prevalent in those homes situated on hills.

Roof Inspection

Many homeowners are aware of how important their roof is for their homes. The roof is not just a protection for the home from damage, but it also keeps it warm. It is recommended to include a regular roof inspection on your home maintenance checklist. If you’re uncertain about climbing up onto your roof, then you may take it on yourself or engage an expert roofing service.

In the course of a thorough inspection of the roof of your home, there are certain common issues to which you want to pay to. The most common are


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