Top Questions to Ask Roofing Contractors – Remodeling Magazine

nd more repairs down and on. This can help you save time and money. This video explains the top questions homeowners must ask potential roofing contractors before engaging them.

It’s essential to confirm if your roofing contractor has insurance. The information is included on every page on an official website for roofing contractors. This information can also be seen on the outside of signs and in vehicles. It is important to protect yourself against liability in the event incidental accidents.

It is also important to work out the materials that your roofer will use. It is essential to have a discussion between you and the roofing company about the kind of materials that you would like and which they recommend based on your requirements. Find out if the roofing company have been certified by their manufactures. If they are, you can rest assured they know how to work with specific materials very well.

Prior to beginning your roofing job, make sure to get an estimate written. While it will not address any unforeseen issues, an estimate will give you an idea of the price.

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