Engine Cooling Water Systems Explained – Benro Properties

This instructional video will help you understand the basics. This video teaches the fundamentals using animation to show the various components in an engine’s cooling system. Learn about each component functions for the cooling of water.

In this simple-to-understand instructional video, you will learn about the thermostat, radiator as well as the jacket water pump overflow tank, and many more. Follow the video as the host guides you through the step-by-step process of understanding how the water cooling system is able to help keep the engine cool.

Find out how glycol prevents the engine from overheating. Watch as the teacher of this video discusses how the jacket pump moves water in the vicinity of the engine. As the pressure builds, it heats up the jacket’s water. To relieve the pressure buildup the user must put on a cap for radiators.

Also, you will learn about the ways in which pressure and flow are regulated in the system. You will find this type of system on all kinds of automobiles powered by fossil fuel. It is helpful to be aware of how this system operates, in the event of problems in your engine’s cooling system. This instructional video is designed for anyone who’s looking to cool the engine. hdqzu44tcs.

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