What Exactly Makes a Dog Friendly? Lets Take a Look – Vets Pet

Considered to be the man’s dog is considered to be man’s best friend. As humans share a close bond with dogs, the only animal to be able to claim the same title. What are the characteristics that make dogs likeable? Let’s examine how dogs can be such social animals.

Even though dogs can be the descendents of wolves and can be generally social creatures, they’re less social than the ancestors of their species. The dogs are very social and will be willing to go to any length to get attention from humans. The scientists often compare loving dogs to the way that small youngsters run to and embrace people in random ways to get their attention.

The dogs are more social than the wolves. The study showed that when there is a human, the wolves are just 35% more likely to be seen coming up to check out the humans. However, dogs were 53% more likely to go to the human. Dogs are more likely to have a desire for human companionship than animals, which tend to prefer solitude.

There’s a lot of scientific evidence as to why dogs are so friendly. They have always been man’s best friend since their indomitable behavior has earned them the status of a favorite pet. Watch the video on this page to learn more.


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