The Legal Fundamentals of Running a Business in the U.S. – Legal News Letter

ts. If you’re interested in having your company’s name trademarked federal registration is not mandatory. In that case, you’d go through the registration process by contacting the United States Patents and Trademarks Office. It is not necessary to consult legal counsel.

Up Counsel says that not having a registered business isn’t a reason to be concerned. This shows you’re reliable and adhere to the rules by registering your firm with state and local governments. You’ll be less likely to violate any law later on when you operate a business in compliance with the legal requirements. Make sure you register your company prior to getting it in the air. Lawyers and business owners may face legal problems later on. Registering your company is a essential step, no matter if it involves issues with taxes or verification.

Find Business Licenses and Permits

In addition to being one of the requirements for running a company permit for business is to serve a purpose. They permit your company to run how and where it works. It’s not legal to skip obtaining business licenses and permits in order to operate your business. Your company and you are more credible when you’ve got the proper permits and licenses, from bars and restaurants, to car shops and grocery retailers to auto body shops and auto repair shops.

In the example above, imagine that you run a bar. In that case, you’d require a license for liquor to run the business. The other legal requirements to run an enterprise include having the need for a liquor permit, which is necessary for a bar operation. Additionally, you may require an authorization for food handlers. There’s no need to obtain as many licenses possible. The goal is to adhere to the laws that govern running an enterprise, so that your clients and clients learn to respect your business.

Go to the U.S. Small Business Administration website to apply for permits and licenses. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select licenses by agency or state. Additionally, you can find helpful details.


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