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The wallpaper will blend in with the rest of the design. This is even more effective if your wallpaper doesn’t overwhelm the décor.

This may seem daunting since it’s easy to get carried away with an awful apartment redesign. But you’d want to remember not to overdo it and end up boomeranging your efforts.

As a matter of fact keep a basic wallpaper until you get used to other aspects of life.

Lighting Fixtures, Accessories, Furniture

Lighting fixtures are an excellent method to transform your dull living space and is a vital component in giving an unattractive home transformed.

The best results will be achieved if you place these lights carefully in the room. Fix lamps up in the rafters if you can. Mirrors and ornaments can serve as focal points in each space. This gives each room its own unique style.

It is possible to avoid purchasing furniture meant for showrooms when you want to transform your home’s shabby appearance. You should instead purchase pieces that are specifically designed for living rooms. This gives all of them character while still keeping expenses low because they don’t need fancy features like French doors or built-in shelves.


When it comes to improving the aesthetics of your house, a window makeover is one of the best things you can do. The design of windows is usually overlooked over flooring or furniture.

Regardless of how big or small your windows in terms of shape or size, as well as how many windows are there window frames are essential to any residence. The reason is that they greatly help make the living area appear more comfortable and warm, let the outdoors to be enjoyed even while indoors, and help keep the air inside the house fresh.


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