How Does Supporting Local Businesses Help the Environment? – Shop Smart Magazine

The influence that re-makers exert on their community. In the case of seeking a custom-made market umbrella, then you’ll be able to find local makers who use eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes. By sourcing furniture from locally-owned stores, you’ll assist in reducing the impact on the environment while helping the local community.

You can also shop for accessories made of recycled and reused materials. This is a great alternative to reduce your carbon footprint. Local companies often design original pieces of furniture or accessories that are made of recycled wood and old fabric. They can be bought locally in order to reduce the amount of consumption and help support small-scale businesses within the local community.

Support the planet through buying antique furniture from small shops if you are okay with used furniture. They typically employ environmentally friendly methods of production like hardwood constructions and natural finish. Plus, many pieces of them have stood against the tests of time, and can last for years if given proper care. Instead of going to furniture shops that use up precious materials in their production seek out unique furniture from local stores.

Local Contractors

If you’re considering a house renovation project, you can be a good environmental steward by supporting local builders. Look for local shops offering green alternatives instead of purchasing from the big-box store. If you’re in search of paints to redecorate your house make sure you choose products that are free of VOC as well as are made from natural substances.

It is possible to ensure that local suppliers of your materials through hiring local contractors. This will help reduce your environmental footprint while also helping the local economy. Local contractors are willing to aid customers with budgets as well as offer competitive prices.


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